Office of Ministry, Spirituality & Action


Office of Ministry, Spirituality, & Action,(OMSA)
11901 wornall路/密苏里州堪萨斯城64145

电话号码: 816.501.2423 / E:


The Office of Ministry, Spirituality & Action (OMSA) promotes action & service as a way to build faith and to show faith by living it.  We seek to create a culture of faith and service where all Avila students will be empowered to reach out into the community in a variety of ways.  For us, faith is a lived experience. We live out our faith in relationship with God, self, others and the earth.  Inspired by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, we live the unifying love of God and serve the dear neighbor without distinction.  We profess that to love God we must show it by loving one another. OMSA offers various ministries for students to be involved in as participants or as leaders.


卫生部,精神和行动办公室确认的价值和ST的姐妹们的视野。 carondelet的约瑟夫,努力协助和促进nb88社会成员,特别是学生通过统一,祈祷和服务的精神发展。



In the Office of Ministry, Spirituality & Action, there is no group to join.  We consider all students at Avila to be members of our ministry and we welcome everyone to get involved in our numerous activities, prayers, retreats and our community service or justice ministries.  
对于新生: You may be eligible to receive an Engagement Scholarship for Community 服务 & Social 正义 or for 校园事.  Please 点击这里 完成申请。 

当前学生: 我们很乐意让你来参与!